[llvm-dev] [llvm-symbolizer] Add an alias to be a drop-in replacement for addr2line

Igor Kudrin via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Feb 19 04:15:27 PST 2019

Hello everyone,

The latest efforts made "llvm-symbolizer" to behave very close to GNU's "addr2line" tool.
However, there are still some differences, which prevent it to be a drop-in replacement.
In particular:

* "llvm-symbolizer" has "-I", "-f" and "-C" options ON by default;

* "llvm-symbolizer" prints line and position while "addr2line" prints only a line.

* "addr2line" allows more flexible usage of the "-e" option.
  For example, "-fe <file>" and "-e<file>" command lines are handled smoothly.

We probably should not change the behavior of the existing tool, which might affect,
for example, parsers of its output. But what if we create another tool, say, "llvm-addr2line",
in the same way as "llvm-readelf" co-exists with "llvm-readobj"? That tool might
follow the behavior of "addr2line" better without risking to break compatibility
for current users of "llvm-symbolizer".

What do you think?

Best Regards,
Igor Kudrin
C++ Developer, Access Softek, Inc.​

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