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The main reason is that GLIBC uses non-standards compliant extensions for
programmers convenience and LLVM want's to stick to the standards as much
as possible.

LLVM also uses some non-standard extensions. For example asm goto; the last
time I checked Clang did not support ASM GOTO and so later linux kernels
cannot be compiled.

The general answer comes down to standards compliance; that's my


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> Hi All,
> I was trying to build GNU C Library (glibc implementation) using the clang
> compiler in a x86_64 Linux system. However, whenever I try to set the clang
> compiler as the compiler in the configure script of glibc, I am getting the
> following error.
> checking if clang is sufficient to build libc... no
> I did a quick research to see why does clang compiler is not sufficient to
> build the glibc implementation and found that the glibc implementation may
> have some target specific features that GCC only can support. But I am not
> getting what are the exact reasons behind this insufficiency.
> Can anybody please point me what are the exact reason behind this
> insufficiency. Some examples would also help. Any kind of help would be
> greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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