[llvm-dev] Compiling GNU C Library (glibc) with llvm

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Sat Feb 9 19:31:00 PST 2019

I don't know for certain but it's likely due to gcc specific extensions
that glibc capitalizes on that clang decided not to implement.

Autoconf produces evidence of what it's testing for, though. It's probably
testing a particular feature. Depending on your goal you might find it
easier to deactivate the check and patch glibc to workaround this feature.

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> Hi All,
> I was trying to build GNU C Library (glibc implementation) using the clang
> compiler in a x86_64 Linux system. However, whenever I try to set the clang
> compiler as the compiler in the configure script of glibc, I am getting the
> following error.
> checking if clang is sufficient to build libc... no
> I did a quick research to see why does clang compiler is not sufficient to
> build the glibc implementation and found that the glibc implementation may
> have some target specific features that GCC only can support. But I am not
> getting what are the exact reasons behind this insufficiency.
> Can anybody please point me what are the exact reason behind this
> insufficiency. Some examples would also help. Any kind of help would be
> greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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