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It works, thanks a lot!

Vector_extract / vector_insert have a comment that says they are deprecated.

I think this should be updated to say that they can be used when the result’s 
type is larger than the element type.

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I think it’s disallowed by the SDTypeProfile in TargetSelectionDAG.td. You 
can use vector_extract instead of extractelt which is what some other 
targets like WebAssembly are doing for this issue. It's type profile is more 
relaxed on this.

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I have an issue with pattern matching.

I have the following SelectionDAG:

t13: i32 = extract_vector_elt t2, Constant:i64<1>

That I am trying to match with the following pattern:
def : Pat<(extractelt (v4i16 SingleReg:$v), 1), (SRADd1 SingleReg :$v, (i64 

But for some reason the pattern does not match.

It seems to be  due to the fact extract_vector_elt's result type is i32 
(because i16 is not a legal type on our processor), but according to the 
comment in ISDOpcodes.h, it is allowed for EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT to have a 
result type larger than the element type of the vector, so I would expect to 
be able to match such pattern.

I tried specifying the result type in the pattern:

def : Pat<(i32 (extractelt (v4i16 SingleReg:$v), 1)), (SRADd1 SingleReg :$v, 
(i64 16))>;

But in that case I get a tblgen error:

possible type contradiction in the pattern below (use -print-records with 
llvm-tblgen to see all expanded records).
anonymous_1188: (extractelt:{ *:[] } SingleReg:{ *:[] }:$v, 0:{ *:[i64] })

Is there anyway to match such pattern?

Thanks in advacne!



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