[llvm-dev] Best practices for using update_*_test_checks.py

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Mon Jun 11 12:20:07 PDT 2018

On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 10:01 PM, Tom Stellard via llvm-dev
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> Hi,
> I've been playing around with the update_mir_test_checks.py utility lately,
> and it seems like a useful tool.  However, I think the convenience of
> the tool makes it easy to use it to generate checks without actually
> verifying the checks are correct.
These tools simply parse the functions out of the the llc/opt/etc output,
deduplicate it between prefixes somewhat, and update the check lines.
Nothing more.

When developing, you basically have to do N steps:
1. Actually come up with the tests
2. Fill them with the current (pre-patch) output
3. Do the patch itself
4. Update the check lines in tests
5. Verify the results
6. maybe go back to step 3, or even 1.

Steps 2 and 4 are monkey's work. One could just as easily mindlessly
manually update those check lines. Having to do that by hand does not
ensure that the person actually reads and verifies the the text [s]he copies.

In fact, i'd argue the opposite is true. If you have to do that by hand,
eventually you will get bored of it, and just dumbly copy it, without even
trying to read it. But if all you have to do is run the script, it, you may
read the test changes output. Additionally, this really simplifies coming
up with the new tests, which in turn may expose more issues.

In other words, it always boils down to the human factor.
Banning these scripts will not help with anything,
other than creating more monkey work.

> This actually happened to me when I first started using it, and I almost
> sent out a patch with a bug.  I also think this may have been the culprit
> with r332452 which was fixed by r332531.
> I think it would be good to develop best practices for using these scripts to
> help developers and reviewers to avoid these kinds of mistakes.
> I personally don't think these scripts should be used at all unless the
> code has been extensively tested in some other way, like with an external
> test suite, but I am not all that familiar with these scripts and their
> use cases so maybe that is too extreme.  I'm curious what some of the
> more frequent users of these scripts think about this.
> -Tom

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