[llvm-dev] Porting OptBisect to New Pass Manager

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Wed Jun 6 17:36:19 PDT 2018

On 06/07/2018 12:26 AM, Zhizhou Yang via llvm-dev wrote:
> Hi Chandler,
> I am now working on a bisecting tool to find mis-optimization on LLVM. 
> I found OptBisect a very useful option and hope to make it work on the 
> new pass manager. I have several questions about it.
> 1. Any plans to apply codegen stage with new pass manager?
>     IIUC, new pass manager only works for opt stage. However the 
> OptBisect option tries to accumulate pass counts through opt stage and 
> codegen stage.
>   Porting it to new pass manager means that, for now opt stage 
> accumulation will use new pass manager and llc stage will still use 
> legacy pass mechanism.
>   May I ask if there is any plan to apply new pass manager for llc 
> stage? If so, the OptBisect porting will also need to expend to 
> codegen stage in the future.
> 2.  Do we want optnone support for new pass manager?
>     I see OptBisect for each pass was first introduced by modifying 
> optnone check. However new pass manager does not support it IIUC.
>     We can either follow the legacy structure of 
> skipFunction()/Module(), put skippability check in each single pass 
> for new pass manager.
>     Or since there is no optnone support, we now may also create label 
> on each pass to determine it is skippable or not, and then do the 
> check at pass manager level.
> 3. No region/basicblock/callgraphscc pass support for new pass manager?
There is CallGraphSCC pass support in new pass manager.
See include/llvm/Analysis/CGSCCPassManager.h

There are no plans to implement region/BB passes afaik.

>     In legacy pass manager, OptBisect will be checked by skip() 
> function on certain types of passes. like skipRegion(), skipBasicBlocks().
>     But I did not see implementations of the passes I mentioned above 
> in new passes. So any plan to have them any more?
> 4. Is PassInfoMixin the right place to put skipPass() function?
> The OptBisect works like this: At the beginning of each pass runs, it 
> will call a skipFunction()/Module()/... function under pass.h to check 
> if -opt-bisect is set and how much is counter accumulating.
> Seems all passes come from the structure PassInfoMixin API, and I see 
> name() function in it which is useful of OptBisect.
> Do you think it is the right place to put the skipPass() function, 
> similar to where skipFunction()/Module() located in legacy pass manager?
PassInfoMixin was not intended to be a base for hierarchy of Passes, it 
is merely a boilerplate helper.

> I currently have a draft on OptBisect porting implementation, and I am 
> willing to have people review it if you like.
> Thanks for taking your time on those questions.
> If anyone is also make similar effort on it, or have any suggestions 
> of implementation, please let me know and I really appreciate :)
Just (finally! :-/ ) have sent out an RFC exactly on this topic:
   "RFC: Pass Execution Instrumentation interface"
It is currently work in progress and rather generic, so feel free to 
comment/put more detail there.


> Best,
> Zhizhou
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