[llvm-dev] Porting OptBisect to New Pass Manager

Zhizhou Yang via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jun 6 14:26:51 PDT 2018

Hi Chandler,

I am now working on a bisecting tool to find mis-optimization on LLVM. I
found OptBisect a very useful option and hope to make it work on the new
pass manager. I have several questions about it.

1. Any plans to apply codegen stage with new pass manager?
    IIUC, new pass manager only works for opt stage. However the OptBisect
option tries to accumulate pass counts through opt stage and codegen stage.
    Porting it to new pass manager means that, for now opt stage
accumulation will use new pass manager and llc stage will still use legacy
pass mechanism.
    May I ask if there is any plan to apply new pass manager for llc stage?
If so, the OptBisect porting will also need to expend to codegen stage in
the future.

2.  Do we want optnone support for new pass manager?
    I see OptBisect for each pass was first introduced by modifying optnone
check. However new pass manager does not support it IIUC.
    We can either follow the legacy structure of skipFunction()/Module(),
put skippability check in each single pass for new pass manager.
    Or since there is no optnone support, we now may also create label on
each pass to determine it is skippable or not, and then do the check at
pass manager level.

3. No region/basicblock/callgraphscc pass support for new pass manager?
    In legacy pass manager, OptBisect will be checked by skip() function on
certain types of passes. like skipRegion(), skipBasicBlocks().
    But I did not see implementations of the passes I mentioned above in
new passes. So any plan to have them any more?

4. Is PassInfoMixin the right place to put skipPass() function?
The OptBisect works like this: At the beginning of each pass runs, it will
call a skipFunction()/Module()/... function under pass.h to check if
-opt-bisect is set and how much is counter accumulating.
Seems all passes come from the structure PassInfoMixin API, and I see
name() function in it which is useful of OptBisect.
Do you think it is the right place to put the skipPass() function, similar
to where skipFunction()/Module() located in legacy pass manager?

I currently have a draft on OptBisect porting implementation, and I am
willing to have people review it if you like.

Thanks for taking your time on those questions.

If anyone is also make similar effort on it, or have any suggestions of
implementation, please let me know and I really appreciate :)

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