[llvm-dev] [VLIW Scheduler] Itineraries vs. per operand scheduling

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Sun Feb 4 09:15:54 PST 2018


What is the best way to model a scheduler for a VLIW in-order architecture?
I've looked at the Hexagon and R600 architectures and they are using itineraries. I wanted to understand the benefit in using itineraries over the per operand scheduling.

I also found this thread from almost 2 years ago:

At that time it seemed the itineraries are a better choice, but is it still the case?
Also, in this thread Phil says:
"Some of the constraints that can be found in in-order micro architectures cannot be expressed in the per-operand scheduling model"
Does anybody have an example of such constraints that will be harder to model with per operand scheduling?

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