[llvm-dev] support for nvidia Turing GPU

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Fri Dec 28 22:25:48 PST 2018


I'm trying to use clang 7.0.1 to compile a simple program as shown on https://llvm.org/docs/CompileCudaWithLLVM.html for nvidia RTX2080 (compute capability 7.5). clang complains about not supporting sm_75. I then try the llvm repository head 7a5cc00 from the git mirror and the simple program compiles and runs fine. But then I found that for more complicated programs, I often got this runtime error:

cudaDeviceSynchronize() error( cudaErrorIllegalInstruction): an illegal instruction was encountered

cuda-gdb traces this back to __cuda_sm70_warpsync()

Can someone tell me that if the Turing GPU is currently supported or not?

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