[llvm-dev] ABI change in LLVM 7.0.x release

Tom Stellard via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Dec 4 10:43:29 PST 2018


Fixing http://llvm.org/PR39427 in the release_70 branch, will change
the ABI of a clang built libLLVM-7.so so that it is no longer compatible
with the 7.0.0 release.  libLLVM-7.so built by gcc will not be affected
by this fix.

Changing the ABI is something we aren't supposed to do in stable releases,
but this fixes an ABI difference between clang and gcc built
libLLVM-7.so that is impacting many users, including Linux distributions,
so an ABI change for clang only seems like the least bad solution in this case.

I am proposing that we hold this fix out of 7.0.1 and instead ship it in
a special 7.0.2 (or maybe 7.1.0 ?) release, so that users that want to 
are still able to get all the bug-fixes without the ABI changes.

How does this sound to everyone?


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