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I have to say, thanks for this.  I discovered I'm a reviewer on a couple of thingsā€¦
Is there a way to get "all open reviews that I'm subscribed to" (as opposed to, listed as a reviewer)?

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Ah, I tried switching the default, and it doesn't work as I expected.

The "My activity" view isn't shown in the menu for logged-out users, but it's still selected as the homepage, so reviews.llvm.org<http://reviews.llvm.org> is an error page.
This seems like a blocker, I'll file a bug against phabricator.

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Hi weary warriors of code reviewing,

The default homepage in phabricator leaves some things to be desired IMO:
 - having changes sorted by *creation time* rather than *update time* is a fun way to lose track of things
 - the LLVM-wide activity feed seems not that useful (though fun)
 - as soon as a change lands, it becomes fairly hard to find

Fortunately phabricator is pretty customizable. I've added a couple of views to the main menu:
  - My activity: https://reviews.llvm.org/home/menu/view/133/ is (active reviews, recent commits) x (i'm reviewer, i'm author). Only visible when logged in.
 - All commits: https://reviews.llvm.org/home/menu/view/135/ is the firehose

I'd like to make "my activity" the default view for logged-in users, and "all commits" the default when logged out. (This is done by removing "home" from the menu).

These aren't optimal for any particular person (e.g. I'd like to see all clangd changes), and people should consider creating a custom dashboard if you use phabricator heavily. But I think they're reasonable defaults and a step up from what we have now.

Let me know what you think, especially if you prefer the status quo for some specific reason.
If people are generally positive, I'll change this next week. We can easily roll back.

Cheers, Sam

I agree this is a much better default view for logged in users.

- Michael Spencer
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