[llvm-dev] [RFC] llvm-dwarfdump's command line interface

Adrian Prantl via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Sep 8 14:25:07 PDT 2017

I would like to grow llvm-dwarfdump to become a drop-in replacement for the dwarfdump utility that is currently shipping on Darwin. (You can search the web for "darwin dwarfdump manpage" to see the currently supported feature set.) Doing this means implementing the missing features, such as the ability to print only subsets of DIEs, looking up DIEs by name or address, and the option to produce more diff-friendly output. I'm fairly certain that these additional features will be beneficial on all LLVM-suported platforms.
To turn it into a drop-in replacement on Darwin, I will also need to re-orgnize the command line interface a bit. In particular (and this is pretty much the only difference)

$ llvm-dwarfdump --debug-dump=info
$ llvm-dwarfdump --debug-dump=apple-objc


$ dwarfdump --debug-info
$ dwarfdump --apple-objc

My question is, how attached are users on other platforms to the current command line interface? I could easily create a separate command line parser for Darwin that mimicks Darwin dwarfdump (like llvm-objdump does), or we could just change the command line interface for llvm-dwarfdump. I know that there is also a dwarfdump utility on Linux (based on libdwarf?) that has an entirely different command line interface from both llvm-dwarfdump and Darwin dwarfdump.
Do people see value in keeping the llvm-dwarfdump command line interface or would changing it to the above format be acceptable?

thanks for your input!

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