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How about VS Code?  I don't think it's designed to be quite an IDE like VS
however it might suit your needs anyways.

I suspect it would probably address one or more of your issues via
plugins.  You can actually use vim keybindings, which I thought was a
pretty keen feature.

Extensions -- https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/VSCode

On Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 3:25 PM, Osman Zakir via llvm-dev <
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> Hi, guys.
> Now let me apologize in advance here since this is an issue with the
> VS2017 IDE's support of LLVM/Clang that I thought I'd talk about here and
> then take up to the guys at Microsoft.  Normally, if I just ask them,
> there's a chance that they'll tell me to ask here.  So at least this way
> I'll already have the response from here ready.
> Anyway, there's more than one issue.
>    1. VS Debugger can't download necessary debugging symbols when the
>    compiler toolchain is set to LLVM/Clang (so I can't do any debugging or
>    stepping on breakpoints).
>    2. Can't set or change compiler switches like in Clang or GCC.  I
>    can't change the language standard or set flags like -pedantic or
>    -pedantic-errors.  There's only /Wall and some other MS-specific switches
>    3. LLVM (and also MSVC) don't see all errors when the code is in
>    templatized.  I had a class templated Link to use with another templated
>    class list, and I'd misspelled it in one place as "Linkk", yet LLVM nor
>    MSVC said anything.  And there were also some other error issues that seem
>    like standards-conformance issues.
> Anyway, I want to know if there's a good IDE on Windows that directly
> supports LLVM/Clang that I can use.  Basically a good way to use Clang on
> Windows such that I don't need to use VS.  I think it'd help me out a lot.
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