[llvm-dev] [SPIR/PTX] Divergence analysis for BasicBlocks

Alexandre Isoard via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jul 14 10:52:56 PDT 2017


It seems to me that our current DivergenceAnalysis does not save which
BasicBlocks may suffer from divergent control. Am I correct?

I want to modify our DivergenceAnalysis to add a "bool
isControlDivergent(BasicBlock*) const" method and save in the divergence
propagator the basicblock that are divergent. I am not sure that is
entirely correct, if you have input on that please let me know.

That being said, to ease my debugging process I want to introduce a
-dot-divergence pass that dump the cfg with divergent basicblocks in red. I
was wondering if our dot printer is flexible enough to allow me to also
print in color the SSA variables that are divergent.


*Alexandre Isoard*
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