[llvm-dev] The state of IRPGO (3 remaining work items)

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On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 2:53 PM Xinliang David Li <davidxl at google.com>

> There is some misunderstanding about the intention of this flag.  The
> purpose of the flag is not to turn on profile instrumentation (which
> already has -fprofile-instr-generate or -fprofile-generate for it), but to
> select which instrumentors to use for PGO (IR or FE).  I prefer fewer flags
> too, but sharing flags for completely different purpose does not seem like
> the right thing to do.
Ah, right. It does seem like I'm misunderstanding the intention for that

FWIW, I think consolidating the flags can happen later on, when we have a
better idea of how the different instrumentation pieces fit together. Right
now IIUC the only other thing that might count as an alternate
instrumentation implementation is XRay (and I'm not even sure they're
mutually exclusive either, i.e. both the profiling and XRay instrumentation
should be able to live together in the same binary).

So if it's just the two that will be interacting, then sharing flags
doesn't seem worth it. But if I'm missing another, then the case for
consolidating the flags becomes stronger.


> David
> On Sun, Jun 26, 2016 at 9:39 PM, Dean Michael Berris <dberris at google.com>
> wrote:
>> On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 1:44 AM Eric Christopher via llvm-dev <
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>>>> Sounds fine to me, though I am not a fan of using unstable in the
>>>> option. I think a more meaningful way (that capture the essence of the
>>>> difference) is the following naming:
>>>> 1) FEPGO:  -fprofile-instr-generate=source or
>>>> -fprofile-instr-generate=region
>>>> 2) IR: -fprofile-instr-generate=cfg or -fprofile-instr-generate=graph
>>>> Also since -fprofile-instr-generate= form is already used to specify
>>>> raw profile path, we may need a different driver option. Alternatives
>>>> include
>>>> 1) -fprofile-instrument=<...> -- this maps directly to the cc1 option
>>>> we have today
>>>> or
>>>> 2) -fpgo-instr=<> -- suggested by Fred or
>>>> 3) -fpgo-instr-method=<...>
>>> Random bikeshedding. I like fprofile-instrument because it merges a lot
>>> of similar ideas behind instrumenting - and oddly enough what I was
>>> suggesting in the x-ray thread before seeing this.
>> +1 to -fprofile-instrument=... (as someone working on the XRay stuff, I'd
>> much rather have less flags, and consolidate a lot of these similar things
>> into a more inclusive flag).
>> I would even make it shorter, and say -finstrument={profile-...,
>> xray-...} so we can have multiple "namespaced" values for -finstrument=.
>> Just my A$0.02.
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