[llvm-dev] Move InlineCost.cpp out of Analysis?

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Mon Apr 18 14:07:36 PDT 2016

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> Subject: Move InlineCost.cpp out of Analysis?
> Hi,
> After r256521 - which removes InlineCostAnalysis class - I think
> there is no strong reason for InlineCost.cpp to be part of the
> Analysis library. Is it fine to make it part of TransformUtils?

Given that InlineCost is not really an analysis any longer, I think this is fine.


> I submitted r266477 (which has now been reverted) that made Analysis
> depend on ProfileData in order to obtain ProfileSummary for the
> module, but there is an existing dependency of ProfileData on
> Analysis (through Object and BitCode). Moving InlineCost.cpp under
> Transforms/Utils will fix this issue. There are other ways to fix
> this (make Inliner.cpp get the ProfileSummary and pass it to
> InlineCost, for example), but I think it makes sense to move
> InlineCost.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Easwaran

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