[llvm-dev] Is trapping allowed when an add with nsw flag overflows?

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> Hi,
> In our backend, we currently emit add operations that trap on overflow if
> the IR operation has the nsw flag set.  Is this allowed?

No.  Operations like `add nsw` can be hoisted around control dependencies
and unconditionally executed.

The only information that flag yields is that downstream users of the
instruction don't need to worry about the instruction producing a result
which results in wrapping when taking it's operands into account.

> According to the documentation about poison values, overflowing a nsw add
> is undefined behavior.  However I didn't find a formal definition of
> undefined behavior in LLVM.  Judging from previous discussions on the
> mailing list, there seems to be a vague line of what LLVM is allowed to do
> in case of undefined behavior.  Is trapping allowed?
> -Manuel
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