[llvm-dev] lit conditional compilation/checking?

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Clang should be setting up the usual preprocessor defines based on the target.  So, you can bracket chunks of C/C++ source in a lit test with #if to guard target-dependent stuff.  Charles Li has been updating a bunch of tests to have sections guarded by tests on the value of __cplusplus, for example (e.g. see r266239).
If you're asking about conditionally executing RUN lines, I don't think there's a way to do that; you'd need to split the new stuff into its own file and use REQUIRES to set the correct conditions.

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How can I platform-conditionally compile/check sections of code with lit? Can I rely on preprocessor defines like _WIN32?

Specifically, I'm adding new tests to existing lit tests, but the new tests should only be compiled and run on Windows.

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