[llvm-dev] Any details I should know before trying to build on OS X Snow Leopard (Darwin 10) ?

ardi via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Apr 3 15:11:09 PDT 2016


One of my Macs is kept at 10.6.8 (with Xcode 3.2.6) because it's a
system I still wish to support. However, I'd like to move to clang on
it, if possible. I prefer to either install a precompiled binary
distribution (if it exists) or compile it on my own, but for the
moment I'd prefer to avoid installing it through macports.

Looking at the LLVM releases downloads page, I see several downloads
tagged "Darwin", but it doesn't specify what Darwin version is
required for it to run (some of them say "Darwin 10.9", but is it
Darwin 10.9 or OS X 10.9? On very older releases (the gcc front-end
ones) I see Darwin10 binaries.

I suppose there won't be any relatively recent binary distribution
that I can use on Snow Leopard, so I guess I've to build it myself. In
that case, should the 3.8.0 build out of the box? If not, is there any
not too old release that would build out of the box? (when I say "out
of the box", I mean that it passes all tests, and no custom patches
are necessary).

Thanks a lot in advance,

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