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> Subject: [llvm-dev] Integration of AVR backend
> I maintain and develop an AVR backend for LLVM on GitHub . It has now
> progressed quite far, with the ability to compile most non-trivial
> programs unmodified (for example, the Arduino suite.
> It has complete machine code/ELF support, also implementing the
> entire instruction set (as of 2015), and a functionally-complete
> assembly parser. David also implemented a test harness which allows
> executing our CodeGen tests on AVR, integrated into the testing
> suite. On-target execution tests can be run with `make check` and by
> defining a single environment variable.
> The other main contributor, David (CC’d), would like to get the
> backend integrated into LLVM trunk.
> What are your thoughts?

It seems like it might be a good candidate for inclusion as an in-tree backend (experimental, at first). You'll need to be prepared for a non-trivial code-review process, but otherwise, please feel free to post a patch to reviews.llvm.org (http://llvm.org/docs/Phabricator.html#requesting-a-review-via-the-web-interface). That's probably the best way to get everyone on the same page regarding what needs to be reviewed.


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