[llvm-dev] LiveVariables clears the MO::IsDead bit from non-RA, physical regs, but never restores it. Bug?

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Fri Nov 20 08:49:12 PST 2015

Following up, I've submitted a patch to phabricator for review: http://reviews.llvm.org/D14875

Nick Johnson
D. E. Shaw Research

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>Subject: [llvm-dev] LiveVariables clears the MO::IsDead bit from non-RA,
>physical regs, but never restores it. Bug?
>I am observing poor instruction scheduling in my out-of-tree target.  The
>problem is an over-constrained scheduling DAG.  In particular, the DAG
>includes spurious output dependencies on physical, non-register-allocatable
>registers.  MISched already includes code to avoid this problem.  However
>that code relies on information clobbered by the earlier pass LiveVariables.
>I wonder whether this is a bug in the LiveVariables pass and would
>appreciate feedback.  Let me expand with a small example,
>Suppose my target declares machine instruction type FOO that implicitly
>writes a condition-code register named 'F_OVERFLOW'.  F_OVERFLOW is a
>physical register and is not register-allocatable.  Consider this sequence of
>A:   %vreg4<def> = FOO %vreg1<kill>,  %F_OVERFLOW<imp-def,dead>
>B:   %vreg5<def> = FOO %vreg2<kill>,  %F_OVERFLOW<imp-def,dead>
>C:   %vreg6<def> = FOO %vreg3<kill>,  %F_OVERFLOW<imp-def>
>When constructing a MISched DAG, I expect to see output dependencies (A -
>> C) and (B -> C).  I assert that output dependency (A -> B) is spurious because
>F_OVERFLOW is dead at B.  Indeed, ScheduleDAGInstrs::addPhysRegDeps
>already includes a test for this case  (if MO.isDead()), confirming that the
>developer intended to omit output dependencies on dead registers.
>However, the LiveVariables pass clears the isDead flag from all operands that
>reference F_OVERFLOW and does not reset those flags.  Without this
>information MISched builds the pessimistic graph including the spurious
>output dependency (A -> B).  I don't believe this is the intended behavior,
>and I'll cite two comments to support that hypothesis:
>(1) In method LiveVariables::runOnInstr, the comment "// Clear kill and dead
>markers.  LV will recompute them" suggests that the kill, dead flags will be
>valid after this pass completes.
>(2) At the top of LiveVariables.h, "If a physical register is not register
>allocatable, it is not tracked.  This is useful for things like the stack pointer
>and condition codes."  This suggests that the pass cannot restore the
>MachineOperand::IsKill and MachineOperand::IsDead bits for physical non-
>register-allocatable registers.
>I would appreciate any feedback.  If we decide this is buggy, I'll work on a fix.
>I have tested this on 3.6.1.  I have not yet tested on the 3.7 series as it may
>take some effort to port my out-of-tree target.  However, I looked at the old
>and new versions and I don't *think* any relevant code has changed.
>Nick Johnson
>D. E. Shaw Research
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