[LLVMdev] understanding the opt tool

kalyan ponnala ponnala.kalyan at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 15:13:01 PDT 2010


I am trying to understand the opt tool. I wrote a program and created the
.bc file using clang. And I used this .bc file to generate another .bc file
using the opt tool. I dis-assembled this bitcode file and compared the
output with previous unoptimized bitcode file. It was the same. I am not
sure how to check the difference. Can anyone tell me if this is how we check
the optimized output or is there any other way. If the procedure that I used
is correct then could you tell me why am I not able to see the optimizations
on the source code. The commands are in this way:

clang -c -emit-llvm filename.c -o filename.bc

opt -strip-dead-prototypes -f <filename.bc> filename2.bc

I am working on the visual studio solution file and on windows 7 (in case
you want to know the platform)


Kalyan Ponnala
phone: 8163772059
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