[LLVMdev] FYI: Phoronix GCC vs. LLVM-GCC benchmarks

Renato Golin rengolin at systemcall.org
Mon Sep 14 12:23:04 PDT 2009

2009/9/14 Edward O'Callaghan <eocallaghan at auroraux.org>:
> screw that site, its useless info run by a linux gnu zealot.

Well, being a Linux GNU zealot doesn't invalidate numbers. What does
invalidate is that he has no numbers!

He just fired a few applications and counted the seconds, this is
utterly pointless. No reference to how many times he ran, standard
deviations, possible effects of OS cache, compilation parameters, etc,
etc. There simply isn't anything in there. It even lack text in
between the charts, a conclusion, and... well... everything.

"Ignore that site", would also be more polite... ;)


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