[LLVMdev] An alternate implementation of exceptions

Mikael Lyngvig mikael at lyngvig.org
Thu Sep 3 12:26:40 PDT 2009


The guys on the Tiny C mailing list referred me to this list because I
suggested adding a simple exception handling mechanism to Tiny C.

I have written a small article on a proposal to add try/catch and throw
statements to C, knowing very well that this is a non-standard extention,
but there are so many of those in the C world that another one shouldn't
be a big issue.  The Tiny C guys weren't interested in adding this
extension to Tiny C, but said that you guys might be interested in the
innovative way that I suggest implementing exceptions.

The reason I am posting a link to my article to this mailing list is that
the guys on the Tiny C mailing list said that you guys MIGHT be interested
in the new way I propose to implement exceptions.  My method is very, very
fast, very, very small, and also has the added advantage that it does NOT
require run-time library support to implement.

Please ignore the fact that the paper is titled "A Proposal for Exception
Handling in C" and look only on it as proposing a new way of implementing
exception handling in pretty much all contemporary imperative languages.

The link is:


Please let me know your comments, critique, and suggestions!


Mikael Lyngvig

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