[LLVMdev] llc - generation of native machine code

Bruno Cardoso Lopes bruno.cardoso at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 10:11:46 PDT 2009

Hi Rudskyy,

> I have seen on SVN a last version. Yes! It supports now ELF for X86,
> perfect! But debug information ( .debug – sections) not implemented. I am
> looking for a possibility to use a LLVM with a debugger GDB. And GDB works
> with DWARF debug information.
> Will be continue a work with ELF-Writer for support of a debug? Or is there
> any other ideas for debug?

The support for debug and EH will come when the x86 code emitter is
integrated with llvm-mc stuff, don't know how much long that will take.


Bruno Cardoso Lopes

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