[LLVMdev] Two Regalloc Enhancements

Evan Cheng evan.cheng at apple.com
Thu Jul 23 16:07:58 PDT 2009

On Jul 23, 2009, at 12:42 PM, David Greene wrote:

> We have two features for register allocation we'd like to contribute  
> if folks
> think they are worthwhile.  We want to get a read on whether they  
> will be
> useful to people.
> The first features backschedules reloads during the spilling phase.   
> As
> reloads are generated, we have some very simple code to try to  
> schedule them
> as far ahead of the use as possible.


> The second features modifies linearscan to try to spread register  
> usage out a
> bit.  Rather than always grabbing the first free register in the  
> allocatable
> list, it remembers the last few registers recently assigned and does  
> not reuse
> them unless there are no other registers available.  This tends to  
> help the
> backscheduling code by distributing register usage and providing more
> scheduling freedom.  It also can induce spilling where none was  
> there before
> if the allocator has "just enough" registers.  We haven't noticed  
> any serious
> performance problems in practice.

Ok. As with any heuristics change, some tests will benefit, some will  
suffer. I am ok with both sets of changes assuming there are ways to  
control them.

> With both patches, we have seen performance improvements on some  
> codes.
> I know there's some work on post-ra scheduling going on which would  
> probably
> supercede the reload backscheduling code.  If that's coming soon,  
> there's
> probably not much point in contributing it.  The "round-robin"  
> register
> assignment would help and post-ra scheduler.

Post-ra scheduling has been working for a while. The reason it's not  
turned on for x86 is it's not helping much (1 or 2%) while the compile  
time cost is too high (~9% codegen time). I assume you guys are doing  
your experiments using AMD processors. It could be Intel's uArch is  
just not benefiting from the load scheduling.

Round-robin register assignment probably will help post-ra scheduling.  
However, for small functions it may end up increase the number of  
registers used. That can be bad for performance.

> What's the community's opinion on whether these two features are worth
> committing to the public repository?

I welcome the features as long as we can add them as llc-beta first.  
Once we have some more testing across all the platforms, we can then  
decide whether they can be turned on. Is that ok?


>                                   -Dave
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