[LLVMdev] Two Regalloc Enhancements

David Greene dag at cray.com
Thu Jul 23 12:42:20 PDT 2009

We have two features for register allocation we'd like to contribute if folks 
think they are worthwhile.  We want to get a read on whether they will be 
useful to people.

The first features backschedules reloads during the spilling phase.  As 
reloads are generated, we have some very simple code to try to schedule them 
as far ahead of the use as possible.

The second features modifies linearscan to try to spread register usage out a 
bit.  Rather than always grabbing the first free register in the allocatable 
list, it remembers the last few registers recently assigned and does not reuse 
them unless there are no other registers available.  This tends to help the 
backscheduling code by distributing register usage and providing more 
scheduling freedom.  It also can induce spilling where none was there before 
if the allocator has "just enough" registers.  We haven't noticed any serious 
performance problems in practice.

With both patches, we have seen performance improvements on some codes.

I know there's some work on post-ra scheduling going on which would probably
supercede the reload backscheduling code.  If that's coming soon, there's 
probably not much point in contributing it.  The "round-robin" register 
assignment would help and post-ra scheduler.

What's the community's opinion on whether these two features are worth
committing to the public repository?


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