[LLVMdev] LLVMContext: Suggestions for API Changes

John McCall rjmccall at apple.com
Thu Jul 16 00:05:23 PDT 2009

Albert Graef wrote:
> Yes, you indeed announced that change, but as John rightfully remarked,
> the announcement gave little detail. For LLVM users like me, who just,
> well, *use* LLVM, this wasn't enough. Maybe it's not time to document
> the changes yet, and maybe everybody but the LLVM developers should stop
> using LLVM from svn for a while until the API stabilizes again. That's
> fine with me. I can only politely ask that at some point someone please
> provide us with the information that we need to port our stuff to the
> new API so that we don't have to spend days digging through the LLVM
> source code. ;-)

I think a timeline would help.  That is, if the developers made a point of
saying "we expect the API on trunk to be volatile for the next two weeks",
then users would be able to make their own decisions about whether to
try to track the changes.  It also makes it easier for developers to 
how to adapt to the new API, because you can make one guide when you
know how it all works instead of maintaining (or failing to maintain) a
constantly-shifting document of momentary kludges and workarounds.

The downside, of course, is that it would encourage users to not stay
current for a few weeks, which hurts all the other active development.


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