[LLVMdev] [Oink-devel] Status of Elsa->LLVM

Richard Pennington rich at pennware.com
Fri Dec 21 15:44:09 PST 2007

Daniel Wilkerson wrote:
> On 12/21/07, Richard Pennington <rich at pennware.com> wrote:
>> I'm a little further along now. I've started to put together a simple
>> driver for Elsa and LLVM that I'm calling "ellsif" (cute name, I think
>> it works).
> Er.  Hm.  Can you explain the name?  The problem with names like
> "ellsif" is that it sounds like "else if".  I like the fact that it
> reminds one of Elsa.

It does sound like "elsif". By design. I wanted to remind people of Elsa 
and also of LLVM, hence the "ll". Maybe you could read it as something 
like "if gcc else if ellsif". ;-)

>> [~/elsa/ellsif] dev% ./ellsif -v test/ofmt.i -time-actions -std-compile-opts
> Ok, this indicates that you are developing your compiler in the elsa
> directory.  As I have said before, this is not going to work as Scott
> wants elsa to be "done".  Oink was invented as a bucket to put elsa
> tools into and that is the best place for it.  I suppose you might
> convince Scott otherwise but I doubt it and for now I am the
> maintainer.

I'm in elsa/ellsif. elsa is in elsa/elsa. I build elsa into a library 
and link it into ellsif. (Just like else does smbase, etc.)

I'm not sure what "done" means. I've had to touch a lot of areas in Elsa 
to make this work. I've had to modify the type checker a bit to get 
standard conversions in places that didn't have them. I added a loc 
field to expression nodes for debug information and error reporting. 
etc. etc. It isn't quite done for my purposes.

Sorry if I've broken any rules, but I just found Elsa a month ago and 
wasn't following its development or the mailing list before that.

>> Adding test/ofmt.i as a preprocessed C file
>> Phase: Preprocessing
>>    test/ofmt.i is ignored during this phase
> What preprocessor are you using?  Taras has already found one that is
> working for him and that is licensed under BSD and that has some
> features in it that he needs for source to source transformation.  I
> would like us to all use the same one.

I'm using the gcc as a preprocessor for now. I plan to drop a 
preprocessor that I wrote a while ago in sometime next week, if the 
holidays don't get in the way. ;-)

>> Sorry to add noise to the list with this. I'm just very excited. ;-)
>> Again, my compliments to both the Elsa and LLVM teams. It says a lot
>> that I got this far in 19 days of part-time work.
> Excitement is good and I don't mind the email at all.
> Please however do respond to some of my concerns.

I hope I've given some clarification.

By the way, this code is owned by me. I'm not doing on my employer's 
time or using their resources.


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