[LLVMdev] [Oink-devel] Status of Elsa->LLVM

Daniel Wilkerson daniel.wilkerson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 15:28:13 PST 2007

I would really like to avoid shipping multiple preprocessors as part
of the standard elsa/oink project.

On 12/21/07, Taras Glek <tglek at mozilla.com> wrote:
> >> Adding test/ofmt.i as a preprocessed C file
> >> Phase: Preprocessing
> >>    test/ofmt.i is ignored during this phase
> >>
> >
> > What preprocessor are you using?  Taras has already found one that is
> > working for him and that is licensed under BSD and that has some
> > features in it that he needs for source to source transformation.  I
> > would like us to all use the same one.
> >
> I'd like to clarify my intentions here.
> I designed the preprocessor integration in such a way that it doesn't
> depend on the specific preprocessor too much. MCPP is nice in that it's
> BSD, but it's rather slow, so no need to require people to use it.
> Users can implement the undo-log preprocessor using libcpp or maybe yank
> it out of clang which is also BSD.
> Taras

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