[LLVMdev] FreeBSD-current

Niklas Sorensson nik at cs.chalmers.se
Tue Dec 18 11:07:12 PST 2007

Duncan Sands wrote:
>> llvm-gcc doesn't build under freebsd-current at the moment. I
>> don't know much about the build system of gcc, so figuring out what
>> went wrong took me quite some time.
>> The problem was that FreeBSD recently branched 7-release and renamed 
>> current to FreeBSD-8, and the trivial fix is to make gcc aware of this. 
>> Patch attached. For llvmgcc-4.2 the issue is already fixed in one of two 
>> places but the remaining is solved the same way.
> Is it possible to fix this with some kind of regexp that will also handle
> FreeBSD-9 and higher?

The attatched patch appears to work, but please sanity check since I'm 
not really familiar with what I'm doing here. I also don't know were you 
want the "APPLE LOCAL begin/end LLVM" comments.


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