[LLVMdev] ocaml binding question

Gordon Henriksen gordonhenriksen at mac.com
Mon Dec 10 15:52:42 PST 2007

Hi Jon,

On 2007-12-10, at 18:28, Jon Harrop wrote:

> On Monday 10 December 2007 23:14, Gordon Henriksen wrote:
>> On 2007-12-10, at 18:04, Sarah Thompson wrote:
>>>> Is it reasonable for me to hack on this, or would you rather do  
>>>> it yourself? (If the latter, you would be very much in my debt...)
>>> Or the other way around, or something. :)
>> :) I'm adding it now.
> I'd really appreciate JIT support from OCaml while you're there and  
> if you'd like to send me some money as well that'd be great. ;-)

:) Well, this commit should be a good template for adding bindings for  
new libraries.

> Incidentally, should more OCaml stuff beyond the bindings be part of  
> LLVM or would it be better to fork them into a separate project

Can you be more specific than "stuff"?

> and alleviate some stress from Chris et al? Might be easier if a  
> community want to tinker with ideas, e.g. for a higher-level  
> interface.

Chris doesn't have Ocaml installed, AFAIK, so I don't know how much of  
a concern that is. ;) I'd probably be the first line of review.

— Gordon

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