[LLVMdev] Using frameindex in a pattern

Vladimir Prus vladimir at codesourcery.com
Mon Dec 3 12:53:55 PST 2007

Suppose I have a target that does not have register+constant
addressing mode. Then, I have DAG like:

	(store ..., (frameindex))

Targets like SPARC have the following patterns to catch this:

	def ADDRri : ComplexPattern<i32, 2, 
		"SelectADDRri", [frameindex], []>;
	def STri  : F3_2<3, 0b000100,
                 (outs), (ins MEMri:$addr, IntRegs:$src),
                 "st $src, [$addr]",
                 [(store IntRegs:$src, ADDRri:$addr)]>;

Where ADDRri will eventually turn into register+constant
addressing in assembler.

The IA64 target has explicit case in it's Select method
to handle frameindex -- which is fine, but I though I'd
try a fully declarative method, so I've added to sparc
the following:

   def : Pat<(frameindex simm13:$val), (add G0, simm13:$val)>;

(Ignore bogus G0, and '13' -- just for testing). The error
I get this:

   In anonymous.24: frameindex node requires exactly 0 operands!

Is this really as designed, or nobody got around to making frameindex
have an true operand? Any way to achive frameindex->add translation
using a pattern and not C++ code at all?

- Volodya

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