[LLVMdev] LLVM for research

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Fri Mar 19 12:33:01 PST 2004

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, Umar Janjua wrote:
> I am thinking of using LLVM as a platform to carry out my research in using
> static analsis for program security and safety/system biology.


> What I look forward from you in response to this mail is the
> availability of support and commitment by your team in continuing LLVM.

Yes, LLVM will continue to be supported, we have no intention of stopping
development of it any time soon.  Though the mailing lists have been quiet
recently, active development is still underway.  I hope to have a new
status update out real-soon-now.  :)

> Secondly, in addition to the application of LLvM mention on website, do you
> know other poeple using LLVM..

There are a lot of groups using LLVM, particularly for research projects.
Outside of research, LLVM has been used as the compiler infrastructure for
multiple university classes, both at the University of Illinois and at the
University of New South Wales, Australia.  Because we intend LLVM to be as
high-quality and stable as any other production compiler, other groups are
using it for the basis of non-academic work.  I think that Reid will tell
you a lot about XPS (if you ask him nicely), and Robert Mykland is doing
some sort of development for a non-traditional architecture.

If you have any other questions, please just let us know.  Again, just
because the llvmdev list has been mostly quiet, don't think we're dead.
Hopefully we'll have something new and tasty to everyone to play with
today.  :)



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