[LLVMdev] A first!

Jeff Cohen jeffc at jolt-lang.org
Fri Dec 24 00:00:02 PST 2004

I have committed a change so that ltdl is no longer used for VC++ builds.

Morten, you can start breathing again :-)

As a side effect, the JIT can now resolve "printf" on Windows (and 
presumably anything else to be found in a DLL).

Jeff Cohen wrote:

> There's a problem with the license for ltdl.c when building with 
> VC++.  It is under the LGPL, with a special exception:
> As a special exception to the GNU Lesser General Public License,
> if you distribute this file as part of a program or library that
> is built using GNU libtool, you may include it under the same
> distribution terms that you use for the rest of that program.
> The problem is, when built with Visual Studio, libtool is not used.  
> Therefore the LGPL exception does not apply, thereby infecting all of 
> LLVM with the LGPL.
> Jeff Cohen wrote:
>> The interpreter still resolves printf using a hack.  It does try to 
>> use DynamicLibrary to find it, but fails.  DynamicLibrary on Windows 
>> only searches the main program executable for symbols, lli.exe in 
>> this case.  As the C/C++ runtime is in a DLL, it won't find printf in 
>> lli.exe.  It ought to then search the runtime DLL, the name of which 
>> depends on how the binaries are built, but it doesn't.  It should 
>> probably enumerate and search all DLLs present in the process, 
>> including the system DLLs so that a program can use the Win32 API, 
>> but there's no code to do that in ltdl.c.
>> This code needs to be added, but I'm not sure where.  
>> win32/DynamicLibrary.cpp is not the place, as it is never compiled, 
>> just as none of */DynamicLibrary.cpp are compiled.  I still don't 
>> know why these files exist.  But ltdl.c doesn't feel right either, as 
>> it's GNU software.  The main DynamicLibrary.cpp is supposed to be 
>> platform independent, so that doesn't seem appropriate either, 
>> nonetheless seems to be the best bet.
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