[LLVMdev] misc. patches

Jeff Cohen jeffc at jolt-lang.org
Mon Dec 13 07:58:20 PST 2004

VS has a 64-bit portability mode, where it will complain when it sees 
non-portable code.  I haven't tried it yet on LLVM, but in my experience 
it will generate a *lot* of warnings.  Every time a size_t or ptrdiff_t 
is assigned to an int or even a long it will complain (Microsoft defines 
long as 32-bits, even in win64).  On the other hand, gcc defines long as 
64-bits on 64-bit Unix (so what does it do on cygwin or mingw?).  The 
portability warnings are still useful, but it does mean that "long" must 
be banished from the code.

Morten Ofstad wrote:

> Next the warnings.patch file contains some minor modification to make 
> Visual Studio shut up (and possibly to make LLVM more 64bit friendly).

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