[LLVMdev] languages, semantic trees, LLVM interfaces

Valery A.Khamenya khamenya at mail.ru
Sat Sep 6 16:13:01 PDT 2003

Hello Vikram,

Saturday, September 6, 2003, 9:10:45 PM, you wrote:

VSA> For any language with relatively sophisticated syntax and semantic
VSA> rules, you will probably need a higher-level representation like an
VSA> Abstract Syntax Tree in order to do type-checking and other kinds of
VSA> checking.

OK, concerning AST -- I see. Thank you.

VSA> For OCAML, for example, the front-end is quite sophisticated
VSA> and complex and the LLVM representation would not be suitable for
VSA> supporting all the checking and translation.

But I have just meant ocamlyacc, i.e. ocaml clone of the yacc.
And here my question was: what kind of interface is expected to use
from within ocml, CommonLisp implementations, Haskel and other nice
language implementations? What is the expected way of interfacing
LLVM for those non-C language implementations? shared libraries with
plain C-interface or what?

Kind regards,
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