[LLVMdev] Graph coloring register allocator for the x86

Anshu Dasgupta anshuman at cs.rice.edu
Sun Dec 28 16:11:01 PST 2003

Hi all,

I was looking at the register allocator code and had a question about 

CodeGen/RegAlloc/PhysRegAlloc.cpp  implements a graph coloring register 
allocator for the Sparc back end. It requests target machine register 
information via a call to getRegInfo() which returns a class 
TargetRegInfo containing the required information. For the x86 target 
machine, this interface has not been implemented. Is an implementation 
of a x86-specific TargetRegInfo class the only piece of the puzzle 
missing for a graph coloring x86 allocator? Or are there other issues 
that need to be considered for the PhysRegAlloc allocator to work on 
the x86.


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