[llvm] Introduce paged vector (PR #66430)

Giulio Eulisse via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Sep 15 02:11:59 PDT 2023

ktf wrote:

@ChuanqiXu9 I have added a simple unit test, which has 100% code coverage as far as I can tell and covers the usecase the container will be used for.

@nikic This is in the context of improving the memory used when loading modules, in particular my usecase is the runtime overhead of the ROOT/cling C++ interpreter / I/O subsystem.

Without this patch, the initialisation of the system, which on startup loads a bunch of unneeded modules, grows to up 80 MB as you can see from:


With this patch applied, the total overhead goes down to 52MB:


As you can see the `ROOT::Internal::GetROOT2()` initialisation method goes from 67 to 30 MB (with some of the allocations which are now moved later on, due to the lazy allocation of the PagedVector).


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