[PATCH] D147990: [BPF] Undo transformation for LICM.cpp:hoistMinMax()

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Fri Jun 30 13:17:22 PDT 2023

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Update for test case to workaround windows issue

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Order of function parameter evaluation is not defined,
this causes issues for test cases (as indicated by windows
test runs).

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- removed requirement for one of the min() to be a constant
- added comment on why the transformation is necessary

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Update to only operate on loop bodies

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The motivation, transformation and tests make sense all look good to me.

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Rebase, added a few comments.

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Hi Yonghong,

Could you please take a look?
I checked this revision against kernel master and see code generation change in a single test: get_branch_snapshot.c, the test contains pattern in question. No veristat changes for Cilium programs [2].
I also verified that selftests at revision [1] (the last revision before your fixes for `check_cond_jmp_op()`) are passing when using this revision (and loop6 fails if `main` is used instead of this revision).
Unfortunately, after thinking on loop6 behavior a bit more I can't suggest a better solution than this.

[1] 360cd42c4e95 ("io_uring: optimise io_req_local_work_add")
[2] https://github.com/anakryiko/cilium

Extended BPFCheckAndAdjustIR pass with sinkMinMax() transformation
that undoes LICM hoistMinMax pass.

The undo transformation converts the following patterns:

  x < min(a, b) -> x < a && x < b
  x > min(a, b) -> x > a || x > b
  x < max(a, b) -> x < a || x < b
  x > max(a, b) -> x > a && x > b

Where 'a' or 'b' is a constant.
Also supports `sext min(...) ...` and `zext min(...) ...`.

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