[PATCH] D152453: llvm-cov produces inconsistent result when file appears multiple times in gcno

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Thu Jun 8 08:56:22 PDT 2023

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My gcno/gcda files contain some of sources multiple times with a different FS-format.
For example

  llvm-cov gcov test_unit_MXR_Settings_SettingsEngine_CSettingsHandler.dir/__/__/__/src/CSettingsHandler.cpp.gcno -b -x -i  | grep CSettingsHandler.cpp 
  File '../../../src/Settings/SettingsEngine/test/unit_test/CSettingsHandler/../../../src/CSettingsHandler.cpp'
  Lines executed:75.00% of 8
  Branches executed:100.00% of 12
  Taken at least once:41.67% of 12
  No calls
  File '../../../src/Settings/SettingsEngine/src/CSettingsHandler.cpp'
  Lines executed:98.37% of 184
  Branches executed:97.34% of 601
  Taken at least once:56.91% of 601
  No calls

llvm-cov randomly takes one of record and adds it to cov-file.
That is why my coverage results usually wrong and furthermore they differ every now and than



Index: llvm/lib/ProfileData/GCOV.cpp
--- llvm/lib/ProfileData/GCOV.cpp
+++ llvm/lib/ProfileData/GCOV.cpp
@@ -140,6 +140,13 @@
         if (version >= GCOV::V900)
           fn->endColumn = buf.getWord();
+      // unify filename, as the same path can have different form
+      SmallString<256> P;
+      P.assign(filename);
+      sys::path::remove_dots(P, true);
+      filename = P.str();
       auto r = filenameToIdx.try_emplace(filename, filenameToIdx.size());
       if (r.second)

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