[PATCH] D151579: Fix -u option in dsymutil, to not emit an extra DW_LNE_set_address if the original line table was empty

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Fri May 26 12:11:06 PDT 2023

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With dsymutil's -u option, only the accelerator tables should be updated, but with https://reviews.llvm.org/D150554 the -u option will still re-generate the line table. If the line table was empty, that is, it was a dummy line table, with no entries in it, dsymutil will always generate a line table with a DW_LNE_end_sequence, a funky side effect of this is that when the line table is re-generated, it will always emit a DW_LNE_set_address first, which will change the line table total size. This patch addresses this by making sure that if all the line table has in it is a DW_LNE_end_sequence, it is the same as a dummy entry.



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