[PATCH] D58312: [WebAssembly] Generalize section ordering constraints

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Fri Feb 15 18:06:22 PST 2019

tlively added a comment.

In D58312#1400104 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D58312#1400104>, @sbc100 wrote:

> When we discussed this before @binji and others argued that a total ordering made more sense.

What made me think this was a good idea was that I discovered that yaml2obj was not respecting the total ordering in its output by emitting relocations after the producers section. Fixing the total ordering logic to selectively ignore the producers section in some contexts seemed hacky and changing the yaml2obj logic seemed like letting section ordering complexity creep into unrelated code. That being said, I don't want to rehash old conversations pointlessly, so I'm happy to fix yaml2obj instead of making this change if that's what people want.

Comment at: llvm/test/MC/WebAssembly/relocs_and_producers.ll:1
+; RUN: llc %s -filetype=obj -o - | obj2yaml | yaml2obj | llvm-objdump -s /dev/stdin | FileCheck %s
sbc100 wrote:
> Would it make sense to have the yaml checked in here directly and skip llc?  I think you can be explicit about the ordering of the sections in the input if the test is yaml.
Yes, making the test text yaml at least reduces the number of tool invocations. The yaml does not have a separate section for the relocations, though, so I can't be explicit about the ordering.

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