[PATCH] D58138: [GlobalISel][NFC] Gardening: Factor out more intrinsics into simple intrinsics

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Tue Feb 12 10:29:18 PST 2019

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Found another place where we can just factor out a bunch of intrinsics and make it a bit easier to add more of these. The only difference between a "simple intrinsic" and, say, the overflow intrinsics is that simple intrinsics only have a single result.

This teaches translateSimpleIntrinsic to handle an arbitrary number of destination registers. Then we can factor out all of the overflow intrinsics, and delete `translateOverflowIntrinsic` entirely. Also makes the overflow intrinsics respect IR flags, which weren't being copied over in `translateOverflowIntrinsic`.

By doing this, we can add IRTranslator support for any intrinsic that can be "straight-line" translated by adding it to `getSimpleIntrinsicOpcode`.



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