[PATCH] D41721: [X86] Move HasNOPL to a subtarget feature bit. Plumb MCSubtargetInfo through the MCAsmBackend constructor

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Thu Jan 4 14:47:46 PST 2018

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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D41721#967576, @craig.topper wrote:

> Limit NOP length to 10 on everything but AMD fam 16h and 17h. @RKSimon you mentioned fam 15h in your previous update, but the optimization manual I found for fam 15h only talks about 11 byte.

Yes, I think you're right - the fam15 sog says 3 prefix bytes are the max to avoid a decode stall, so 11 bytes should be the limit, but going to just 10 bytes is probably OK. Sorry I was going off a comment in PR22965 without rechecking.

> We could maybe go to 11 instead of 10. But Intel documentation only lists out to 9 bytes. And the current 10-15 byte sequences we do are different than the 10-15 byte sequences in AMD's manual. We use a CS prefix that's not mentioned in the optimization manuals. The CS prefix does appear in the binutils 10 byte sequence. I believe binutils stops at 10 bytes for all CPUs.

If we're limiting the 11-15 byte options to the AMD targets, I think it'd be better to follow their recommendations (which luckily are the same in both the 16h and 17h sogs).

I feel guilty for asking for this change as it looks like the max nop length change should be part of a separate patch as it might have performance effects that need reviewing.

@andreadb @pcordes do you have any suggestions?


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