[R600/SI] Merge const_load for SI

Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
Mon Apr 21 14:54:11 PDT 2014

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> Subject: [R600/SI] Merge const_load for SI
> Hi,
> these two patches enable merging several S_LOAD_BUFFER_DWORD into a
> vector instruction.
> It does not use the SLPVectorizer because it doesnt seem to work on
> overloaded intrinsics.

I suppose that the SLP vectorizer does not currently understand any target-specific memory intrinsics, but I don't see why that would prevent us from teaching it about some. Could we add some TTI callback to allow intrinsic vectorization without pushing target-dependent code into the SLP vectorizer itself?

> I used codeXL output from AMD's openCL sample "ConstantBandwidth",
> and it looks like the driver does not attempt to merge more than 4x
> dword together,
> that's why the new pass does not attempt to merge more than 4 scalar
> load together. I suspect the latency advantage of using a 8 or 16x
> dword load doesn't outweight
> the additionnal scalar register consumption.
> Vincent
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