[PATCH] Integrated assembler. :vararg macro.

Rafael EspĂ­ndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 12:19:38 PDT 2014

On 21 April 2014 15:08, Stepan Dyatkovskiy <stpworld at narod.ru> wrote:
>   Hi Rafael,
>   I have implementation for darwin, though in draft state.
>   There are few reasons/questions:
>   1. I didn't find anything about vararg in darwin assembler reference. Or even some .s examples.
>   2. If I remember properly, you can substitude parameters by their number: $0, $1, etc. So, may he then, you can refer to some of vararg params as well? Am I right here?
>   3. Can I use whole varargs set substitution? Like in Linux tests?
>   4. If answer to #2 and #3 is "yes", then I suspect we have to keep vararg values in two forms: as parsed and separated values, and as single string. We need second form, because we need to remember separators as well, in another words we have to expand it as-is. At least we have to keep separators for second form.
>   Anyway I'm ready to work on it too. But darwin support could contain a bit more changes. Perhaps we could commit it separately?

So this patch doesn't change the behavior for darwin? If so, doing the
darwin work in another patch would be perfect. Just adding a test on
this patch showing that we still produce an error would be great. The
next patch can then update the test.


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