[PATCH] Integrated assembler. :vararg macro.

Stepan Dyatkovskiy stpworld at narod.ru
Mon Apr 21 12:08:37 PDT 2014

  Hi Rafael,
  I have implementation for darwin, though in draft state.
  There are few reasons/questions:
  1. I didn't find anything about vararg in darwin assembler reference. Or even some .s examples.
  2. If I remember properly, you can substitude parameters by their number: $0, $1, etc. So, may he then, you can refer to some of vararg params as well? Am I right here?
  3. Can I use whole varargs set substitution? Like in Linux tests?
  4. If answer to #2 and #3 is "yes", then I suspect we have to keep vararg values in two forms: as parsed and separated values, and as single string. We need second form, because we need to remember separators as well, in another words we have to expand it as-is. At least we have to keep separators for second form.
  Anyway I'm ready to work on it too. But darwin support could contain a bit more changes. Perhaps we could commit it separately?


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