[PATCH] Fix a mingw32 build issue

Yaron Keren yaron.keren at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 00:28:19 PST 2014


While at it, #include "Windows.h" should be #include <Windows.h>.


2014-02-12 10:18 GMT+02:00 Alex Crichton <alex at crichton.co>:

> I found that swapping the order of some header files helped fix a
> build issue that we're seeing on mingw32. Without the swap, windows.h
> was being included before _WIN32_WINNT was being defined and the
> CreateHardLinkW function was #ifdef'd out.
> It looks like the header is mainly used to get the SHGetFolderPathW
> function, so I don't think that there'll be much fallout from the
> switch.
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