[llvm-commits] [ASan] The first version of the RTL for Windows (issue 5647052)

Aaron.Ballman at gmail.com Aaron.Ballman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 10:19:20 PST 2012

Added previous comments as well as one new one about DbgHelp being
thread unsafe.

File lib/asan/asan_win.cc (right):

lib/asan/asan_win.cc:88: CHECK(VirtualQuery(&mbi /* on stack */,
The stack will always be a single block, but I think what you're getting
there is including the stack's guard page.  Are you sure you want that?
Also, I think that's only getting you the reserved size and not the
committed size.

lib/asan/asan_win.cc:98: ScopedLock lock(&dbghelp_lock);
On 2012/02/08 18:03:10, kcc wrote:
> OMG. Ok for now, but in the long run this is not going to work.
> We will need our own unwinder.

Even with our own unwinder, the symbolicator is single-threaded only on
Windows.  So we'll need some form of locking in WinSymbolize.

lib/asan/asan_win.cc:103: size_t cs_ret = CaptureStackBackTrace(1,
max_size, tmp, NULL),
Since you're already using DbgHelp APIs, would StackWalk64 make a bit
more sense?  IIRC, it's a bit more accurate than
CaptureStackBackTrace.  Certainly it gives you more control.

You may want to look at LLVMUnhandledExceptionFilter in Signals.inc
because a lot of the stack walking fun is already done there.  Perhaps
we could refactor it to use common code?


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